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Governance and Management - Charged with Care

Overseen and Guided by Our Committee of Management

St. Lawrence Lodge is governed by the Long Term Care Homes Act. Under the Act’s legislation, municipal long term care homes are required to establish a governing body known as the Committee of Management. Each municipal partner of St. Lawrence Lodge appoints members to the Committee of Management.

The following individuals are appointed as members of the Committee of Management:

City of Brockville Councilor Mike Kalivas – Chair
Councilor Cameron Wales
Mayor Jason Baker - Ex-officio
United Counties of Leeds Grenville Mayor Robin Jones, Vice Chair
Warden Patrick Sayeau - Ex-officio
Mayor Arie Hoogenboom
Mayor Roger Haley
Town of Prescott Councilor Ray Young
Mayor Brett Todd - Ex-officio
Town of Gananoque Mayor Ted Lojko
Management Team Tom Harrington
  Tracey Davidson
Director of Care
  Cathie Blair
Assistant Director of Care - 1st Floor
  Maria Gollinger
Assistant Director of Care - 2nd Floor
  Angela Roles
Assistant Director of Care - 3rd Floor
  Dawn Dodge
Coordinator, Activation and Volunteer Services
  Bradley Morton
Director of Support Services
  Tanya Burnside
Environmental Services Manager
  Jennifer Eastwood
Chief Financial Officer
  Kim Cleroux
Food Services Director